Why Kratz closed-loop deployment?

When frequent implementation of Red Hat Storage Server Clusters (GlusterFS Clusters) on premise is your job, you will sooner or later conclude that a successful enterprise setup is hardly about just installing RHSS ISO’s or GlusterFS software.

Before you even begin to think about hittin’ the “next” button you will have to work out or calculate the type of performance that defines your cluster, for example:

  • will your IOP’s to the cluster be sequential or more randomized?
  • how much bandwidth for file transfer to/from the cluster do you actually need for a start?

With GlusterFS you are in the lucky position that you can easily solve capacity problems by adding bricks.

Questions questions

But once you have figured out the answers to the above preliminary questions you will come across the next set of questions:

  • what type of RAID controller do I need for my bricks?
  • what type of disk platform (SAS or SATA) do I need for my bricks?
  • what type of Gluster layout (distributed, replicated) should I use?
  • what network interfaces will I use for client and Gluster (inter-brick) traffic?
  • what are the demands of Storage Cluster to my network infrastructure?
  • which VLAN’s do the bricks need to be connected to?
  • how should I adjust my design if I want bricks to be fault tolerant or on different geographical locations?

and on it goes…

If you want quick answers to these questions and implementing GlusterFS Storage Clusters isn’t what you do for a living we are happy to help you out.

Consultancy but certainly not as you know it

Unlike only providing consultancy Kratz Business Solutions B.V. will send you a pre-configured appliance that does all the installation work for you. The appliance is the result of many successful Red Hat Storage Server implementations and provides a turn-key solution for the deployment of your Storage Cluster.

All parameters that are used for the setup and are needed for operation of the cluster are immediately monitored after deployment.

BBWC, disks, fans and of course GlusterFS software operations as well available volume sizes.


The appliance provides (amongst others) the following functionality:

  • a complete pre-configured provisioning system based on PXE to seamlessly roll-out out your bricks
  • inter-brick bandwidth tests to assure proper network operations
  • a complete monitoring system based on Icinga and Nagvis that monitors all relevant parameters for proper operation
  • Wifi access to bricks KVM’s and the appliance itself in case you do not have physical access to the server rack or networking hasn’t yet been properly setup
  • an assured and tested expansion path for adding bricks
  • an assured and tested upgrade path of the cluster for future updates
  • documentation in the form of readable installation scripts

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Services and Support

  • Cluster design consultancy
  • Deployment services
  • Administrator training
  • Maintenance and support
  • Hardware and Red Hat subscription

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