The Appliance

The Kratz RedHat Storage Appliance easily deploys 2 – 32 nodes with RedHat Storage Server over the network. Deployment will take approx. 30 minutes depending on the commodity hardware used. Once deployment is finished you will have an operational GlusterFS cluster at your disposal.

The Use Case

For KPN ITNS (formerly known as Reggefiber) we have successfully set up 200 TB network RAID1 geographically redundant GlusterFS storage as a back end for video content distribution and nPVR to one million households.

The powerful combination of EdgeWare’s Orbit 3020 video server together with GlusterFS enables KPN ITNS to provide Distributed Video Delivery Network and network Personal Video Recorder services in a cost effective way.

The Performance

With the scale-out capabilities of GlusterFS we are able to transport 7 GB/s of traffic to/from a 32node GlusterFS Network RAID1 Filesystem:

Please Find

more information about performance in our presentation that was used on the Red Hat Summit 2013 in Boston.

Services and Support

  • Cluster design consultancy
  • Deployment services
  • Administrator training
  • Maintenance and support
  • Hardware and Red Hat subscription

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