Red Hat Summit 2013, Boston (MA)

Red Hat Summit 2013

KRATZ Business Solutions B.V. was invited to the Red Hat Summit 2013 for showing our KRATZ Red Hat Storage Server Appliance to the public.

The Appliance has received a lot of positive reactions from many important people, Red Hat product managers and potential end users. The visitors we spoke to were all very enthusiastic about its powerful capabilities.

Red Hat has provided us with a nice exhibition booth situated in the center of the Storage Corner.

We would like to thank Red Hat for inviting us, in particular Marcel Hergaarden, Red Hat Storage Solution architect of Red Hat Team Benelux.

To demonstrate the light weight of our Red Hat Storage Appliance we ran a demo system on a Raspberry Pi that continuously provisioned 4 storage nodes. This small piece of equipment can deploy 32 server nodes within 20 minutes! The Raspberry Pi received a lot of positive feed-back. The KRATZ Red Hat Storage Appliance can run on a Virtual Machine as well.

KRATZ Red Hat Storage Appliance

The KRATZ Red Hat Storage Appliance helps administrators and engineers to easily deploy nodes with Red Hat Storage Server over the network. Deployment of 32 nodes will take approximately 20 minutes depending on the commodity hardware used. Once deployment is finished you will have an operational GlusterFS cluster at your disposal.

To guarantee proper operation we decided to bring the installation to the next level with our “Closed-loop Deployment” framework.

All installation parameters are set by the Red Hat Storage Appliance and all relevant parameters for operation are immediately monitored by the Nagios monitoring software included in the pre-configured Appliance. The Red Hat Storage cluster is presented as a transparent and easy to use dashboard. You can quickly detect and resolve issues by keeping the Appliance in your network for operational monitoring of the Red Hat Storage cluster.

Red Hat Storage

With the coming of the Gluster community and Red Hat Storage Server big and fast storage clusters are finally in reach for the not so rich and famous. Supported on commodity hardware Red Hat Storage cuts out the cost of expensive propriety hardware platforms. The supported version of GlusterFS, Red Hat Storage Server, lets you easily create very large storage clusters.

Red Hat Storage Server can turn your servers into a fully redundant, scale-out storage system with no vendor lock in. You can scale-out your Red Hat storage cluster online with any brand of hardware.

KRATZ International deployment support

The KRATZ Red Hat Storage Appliance will be shipped to all corners of the world. Together with your IT department we agree on the required cluster configuration and hardware. This can be done on premise or remotely. The pre-configured KRATZ Red Hat Storage Appliance will be shipped to your location. You hook up the cables and start booting up the bricks. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and within minutes your Red Hat Storage cluster is ready for use.

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